May I just say that writing this little about me blurb is the hardest part of putting together a website? Cause it is. 

So lets's see: I live in a house on stilts, am obsessed with fat cats, and have a fondness for peanut butter cups that runs so deep, I named my daughter Reese. I dabble on the ukulele, and make the best snickerdoodles on the planet (Thank you Grams). Also, I'll take all of the travel and adventure, please.

You know what I love most about weddings? The emotions. The laughter, tears, hearts filled with joy: all of that happens without any prompting from me. Those are the images that make me giddy. When I photograph a wedding, I want to catch all of the love intertwined with the chaos. I want all the genuine feels.  

Things I love

  • Diet Dr Pepper.
  • Super cute, fuzzy baby critters. I mean, have you seen a baby chick!?
  • Hiking. This Florida girl hiked to the tippy top of Mt Timpanogos in Utah with one of my oldest friends. It was HARD. 
  • Tattoos. I currently have 6. 
  • Aspens, tulips and poppies. 

Not so much

  • Cheesecake. I'm sorry, but cheese should not be made into a dessert. Ever. 
  • People who don't know how to put their phones down.
  • Being cooped up in the house.
  • Raw vegetables. 
  • Tree frogs. Suction cup toes shouldn't be a thing. 

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For those brave enough to watch this, I send giant virtual hugs. Bear with me. When I say I dabble on the uke, what I really mean is that I'm completely winging it.