Alex & Sam | Forest Wedding at Cross Creek Ranch


How do I even begin to describe these two incredible people? This is Alex and Sam. Alex is a wildlife biologist, nature photographer and all around environmental wonder woman. Sam does more than his fair share for mother nature too as a bat and bee whisperer. They are awesome and absolutely perfect for each other and together they know how to throw a really good party. Here are some photos from a big party they threw at Cross Creek Ranch, it was kinda really definitely amazing.

Rachael & Danny | Zoomance Tampa Garden Club Wedding

Florida boho wedding Stacy Paul photography destination photographer_0086.jpg

Years ago my two littles went to Zoo School at Lowry Park Zoo. As you can imagine, they LOVED it. I mean, imagine going to kindergarten at a zoo -  taking daily zoo hikes, having regular animal encounters, learning about wildlife in a hands on way - of course they loved it. Why am I telling you this? Well, that's where we met Miss Rachael. She was a camp councilor for Reese and teacher for Quinn. Both of my babies were completely smitten with her, so much so that she became a regular babysitter for us. So when she and Danny got engaged and she asked me to photograph their wedding I couldn't have been happier. 

The Campbells | Lifestyle Session

As I'm sure you've noticed, weddings are my thing. They're my whisper. They're the little thing that is always there in the background of my creative mind, begging for attention. Don't get me wrong, I will cheerfully photograph just about anything, but given the choice I will don one of my twirly dresses and click away at heart felt vows every single time.

Rewind just a bit.  7 years ago photography found me, and I found Kortney. I was just starting out and admittedly didn't know anything about anything, with one exception:  I KNEW that I was NOT going to photograph weddings. The thought of botching someones wedding gave me palpitations. No really. I'm talking day drinking 2 bottles of wine type anxiety. Weddings were for people who knew camera stuff, and wedding stuff, and all the stuff. Not me.

And then Kortney got engaged. I had taken some photos of her and her boyfriend John as a kind of experiment. Ya know, to see if I could take decent engagement (ish) photos. I must have done a fair job because Kortney decided that I was shooting her wedding, whether I liked it or not.

For every one of my no's she said yes, for every "but what if I screw it up!?" she said "You won't", and for every "No really, I AM GOING TO SCREW THIS UP!" she said "I believe in you, you will be fine." 

And she was right. 

And now, thanks to her, weddings are TOTALLY my thing. (Although, I am kinda digging in home lifestyle sessions too. Who knew?) 

So 7 years, babies, business ventures and multiple photo sessions later:  I still love photographing her (and her boys, and their super cozy and adorable house), and she still believes in me.